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Welcome To

Centre of God’s Miracle Parish

We are on a crusade to teach the whole world always to seek the LORD GOD while he May be found , call upon him while he is near.

Where You will Find Grace

You are welcome here. Join us to celebrate, to mourn, to give thanks, to ask questions, or to pray. Come as you are.

Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

4801, Keele Street, Unit 37, North York, Ontario, M3j 3a4, Toronto, Canada

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This is to notify the public that the Celestial Church of Christ, Centre of God’s Miracle Parish, located at 4801 Keele Street in Toronto, Canada, has never in any way sponsored, indulged, or associated with any organization via the website since its establishment.

This is a newly created website and the first by the above named Church. There has never been any before now.

Please note that any other website using the above named Church and or address should be considered as fraudulent and must be reported immediately to the authorities.